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KB1039 - Excel Reports


The analysis application allows user reports to be generated that are exported directly to microsoft excel. A report may consist of up to 32 channels (including math channels) with different methods defined for each channel. There are 5 different report types currently available.

After a report has been defined clicking on the "excel reports" menu will automatically open a new excel spreadsheet and export the report data. Any changes made to loaded outings or laps will automatically refresh the report data.

A typical report may contain information such as maximum and/or minimum engine rpm around the track, entry and exit speeds at track segments and engine operating temperatures or pressures. Any channel can be used for a report with 8 different report methods to choose from.

Report Setup

Use this function to create and setup your excel reports.

  1. On the Reports menu, click Setup.
  2. The report editor window will be displayed.
  3. Click on the Reports tab.

    A list of the currently defined reports will be displayed. You can click on the "new" icon to add a new report or the "edit" icon to edit an existing report. The report channel editor window will be displayed listing the channels for the current report.

  4. Enter a user name for this report.
  5. Select the report type from the drop down combo box.
  6. Click Add to add a new channel to the report.
  7. Select the channel and method you require.
  8. Click OK to save changes.

After you have defined your reports you can use the Excel Reports menu to open a new excel document and display your reports.

Report Types

Report Methods


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