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KB1028 - Engine Protection Software


Power to Win version 9.0 now includes engine protection software. This new feature allows the user to set safety limits for each of the engines temperature and pressure inputs which if exceeded put the engine into limp home mode. The maximum rpm is restricted in this mode preventing any damage to the engine.

A mask time is provided so that sensor spikes or short periods outside the operating limits do not activate the protection mode and inadvertantly shut down the engine.

System Requirements


To enable this feature open the editor and select the engine protection icon from the function group file folder. Next select the constants group and set the following parameters.

  1. Enable Engine Protection under Configuration.

    An additional option is the Reset On Power down feature. If selected the ECU must be power cycled to clear the protection codes. The engine will not return to normal operation even if the temp or pressure limits drop within their limits in this mode.

  2. Set the rev-limit when engine protection is active.
  3. Set the delay time before the mode is active.
  4. Define each of the temperature limits
  5. Define each of the pressure sensor limits.


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