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KB1043 - Shift Controls

Shift Controls

Some of the EFI Technology ECU products are capable of transmission and torque converter control. The most advanced features are found on the R8/R16 ECU product line. The shift outputs are all active low and can sink up to 2 amps continuous.


Shift Configuration - Enables the following ECU control functions. With this constant selected, press the Details button to open the bit editor window.

Shift Output Pulse - Sets the duration of the shift pulse on non Lenco transmission.

Gear Shift RPM - Sets the RPM to activate an automatic gear shift.

Gear Shift Time - Sets the Time after launch to activate an automatic gear shift.


The R8 ECU has 4 programmable shift outputs that can fully replicate the ACD box functions. There are 3 available shift modes, shift by rpm, shift by time and manual over-ride options.

The shift button is dual purpose and is used to reset the shift outputs and also command a shift. Holding the button down for 1 secs will reset all the shift outputs. A single press will shift the transmission into the next gear.

The shift by rpm and time modes will only activate if all the nitrous enable conditions are all met. This prevents any false shifts occuring before the car has left the start line. Manual shifts can be made at any time.

Shift Retard

The ECU has a shift retard function that allows a fixed amount of spark timing to be subtracted from the base timing during a shift. The duration of the retard and the ramp rate back to standard timing are also programmable. These setting be be set independantly for each gear.

Gear Retard duration - Sets the duration of the spark retard in secs during the shift event.

Gear Spark Retard - Sets the amount of spark retard in deg during the shift event.

Reset Increment - Sets the number of degs per engine rev to slew the timing back to standard.


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