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KB1049 - Using the run simulator


The run simulation function allows you to export part of a logger data file into a binary file that can be read by the map editor program. The simulator then allows you to replay the data and see it overlayed on an open engine map. A cursor tracks the position on the map as the data is played back in real time or at slower speeds as necessary.

Export Data

  1. In analysis open the data file you wish to export for the simulator.
  2. Make sure both the RPM and Throttle position channels are displayed.
  3. Zoom in to the section of data you want to use.
  4. Select the File/Export/User Export" menu.
  5. At the very bottom of the window select the "*.BIN" file type.

    Only files of the proprietary binary format (*.BIN) can be used for the simulator function.

  6. Enter a file name or accept the default name.

Import Data

  1. In the editor under the "Reports" menu select "Import Binary".

    The import data file will be loaded into memory and opened each time you subsequently open the editor. To replace the file just repeat the import binary method. The loaded file name will be shown at the bottom of the file folder tree.

  2. Right click over the engine map and select the "Run Simulation" menu.
  3. Select the speed you want to use for the display.

    A large black cursor will now track across the engine map in real-time and show the exact areas of the map used during the run that was loaded. This function gives you precise locations of where the engine is operating to allow more accurate tuning.


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